Priapism means prolonged erections (> 4 hours) that won’t go away on their own. These are usually painful, but in some cases, they don’t cause too much pain. The causes may vary, but let’s go over some of the most common once.

The Causes

Generally speaking, priapism happens when the blood stream is unable flow back out of the penis, i.e. it’s blocked down there. The most common causes include:

  • Neurological issues, including tumors and strokes.
  • Injuries to brain, penis and/or spinal cord.
  • Side-effects of medications, bad reactions caused by two (or more) drugs working together.
  • Blood disorders and cancer.

There are 3 main types of priapism: ischemic, non-ischemic and stuttering. The most common one is ischemic priapism, it’s also the most serious one. Obviously, priapism is considered a serious emergency, you should seek help immediately, if you’ve encountered its symptoms.

The Tadalafil Treatment

Usually, priapism treated with several types of medicines, the most effective one being tadalafil. Surprisingly enough, because it’s used to treat erectile dysfunction. When you get to the bottom of it, priapism basically occurs when there’s no way to release the blood after you get an erection. Tadalafil, on the other hand, helps alleviate it. Due to the sensitive nature of the problem, there are quite a few basic rules when it comes to tadalafil. The most important one being: only use generic tadalafil when the penis is in the flaccid state and there’s no discernable reason for your situation to turn sexual in any shape or form.

There’s a nasty issue that priapism can cause: erectile dysfunction. It means you can’t maintain/get an erection during sexual activity. There were cases in which men who recently suffered from priapism developed ED. Luckily, you can resort to the same tadalafil treatment as before, because you can read any tadalafil review out there and see the numbers – when it comes to ED treatment, tadalafil is the best solution on the market.

The Conclusion

Priapism is a serious albeit rare issue, due to the recent medical discoveries, it would be wise to make tadalafil the standard treatment. The numbers don’t lie and there’s not a single tadalafil evaluation out there that doesn’t prove its unparalleled effectiveness.