Before the surgery or other manipulations with health, a patient should understand all the possible benefits and risks to other aspects of his life. Vasectomy is the surgery, which is defined as a permanent method of birth control. The main aim of the procedure is to prevent sperm release during ejaculation. During the surgery, the vas deferens are cut, clamped or sealed in other way. As a result, sperm does not mix with semen, when man ejaculates and women cannot get pregnant. Still, the testicles keep producing the sperm, though it is reabsorbed by the body. Since the tubes are previously blocked by prostate and seminal vesicles, ejaculation seems to remain the same effective and you will ejaculate the same amount of fluid.

There are no doubts in the effectiveness of the surgery as a birth control method. However, the egg can still be fertilized within a month or two after the procedure. Use other birth management measures to warn unplanned and unwanted pregnancy.

Similarities and Differences in Sex before and after Vasectomy

The main fear of all men undergoing vasectomy is further inability to get an erection and hold it for sufficient time. In fact, the condition occurs rather often, but it is not connected with the surgery. Erectile function, ejaculation and other sex-related processes remain the same quality and powerful as before the procedure. Nevertheless, anxiety, stress and embarrassment can sometimes trigger the signs of erectile dysfunction after vasectomy. Just take one of the effective impotence treatments and bring your health and quality sexual life back. Order Generisk Cialis online and receive the dependable solution of your disorder. The medication works for over 30 hours, so you are sure to get pleasurable and satisfactory sex at any time. Follow the recommendations to promote a safe course without any complications.

Once you have balanced the signs of erectile dysfunction, which are aggravating and getting worse, you need to discuss them with your healthcare provider. Vasectomy cannot launch any problems with testosterone, male potency, ejaculation or other functions, so you need to search for causes somewhere else.